50 questions

This book was born out of a prompt that asked us to write as many questions as we could. Just questions, no theme was required, but since we were starting to gather content related to our thesis thinking, a lot of our questions were related to our thesis topics in some way.

We wrote as many questions as we could; we read each other's questions; we sorted our questions as a group into categories. There were lots of questions about the future of design; questions about working styles; existstential questions like "Does a straw have one hole, or two?"

The freedom to just ask away led me to consider questions about the internet, about print, and about my career path and timing.

Next, we were each asked to choose our top 50 questions. With those, we were to create a way to house all 50 questions. My top questions were mostly related to social media use, disinformation, and design ethics related to the internet. I decided to pair my questions with computer/technology ads from the 1980s. I replaced the headlines with my questions.

The juxtaposition of the outdated images with the questions that mostly didn’t exist at the time is meant to ask the viewer to consider what parts of the past we can revisit in order to solve some of the problems our current technology has caused.

I formatted the ads into a booklet, like a magazine, and printed it on newsprint in order to ground the publication in a different, disposable, fleeting time.