that was funny

Once in a while, I will drop a really funny line on Reddit. Sometimes people laugh, or react, or upvote (sort of the Reddit version of a "like".) I read through all of the posts I have made on Reddit in the past few years. I decided to record a list of my favorite ones, and create collages of them as a way to give them more life. It seems wasteful to just let them sit online in an archive.

Making the collages gave me a chance to slow down and think about the story. For example, the one with the woman in the inner tube, “Sounds Like She’s Ended Up In The Right State”— was in response to an article someone posted titled “Naked Boston Woman Drove Golf Cart Through FL Crime Scene”. Who was this woman? What’s her deal? Why is she now lounging in the pool talking on the phone? Is this what it feels like to be from Florida? There are so many stories I could now create based on my collage, rather than just post something and basically throw it away.