In February 2021, I learned about an internship at a Cambridge publishing company called Orbis Editions. Orbis Editions publishes e-books, paper books, and artist works in digital and print forms.

I spoke with the owner and editor, Jessica Hankey, and she offered me the internship.
I was tasked with taking over the design of a book that had been designed by a previous intern.

When we started working together, I learned that the author and editor wanted a redesign of the book in order to gain more page economy. The text is dense and has lots of very long footnotes; an editorial challenge for sure.

The book is titled Supervision: Motherhood and Surveillance. Being a mother of young children, a lot of the content was very relevant to my life right now; and so I felt a deep connection with this text. The book is a collection of essays and artworks..

At the end of my internship, the book was not completed (they were waiting on some more text from other contributors, and text for the index and other back matter.) I had to hand it off to the next intern! It is still being produced.

Since it is in progress, I made a mockup of the book as it stood on my final day as an intern. The front pages of the book are images of my notes, emails between the author, editor, and myself, and other ephemera from this experience. The rest of the pages are the book as it appeared the day I handed it off to the next intern. I look forward to seeing how it looks when it's finished. It is due to be co-published by MIT Press and released in May of 2023.