extreme scale

The prompt for this one was simple — make something that expresses the idea of Extreme Scale. An open prompt like that has typically intimitdated me throughout my academic career, yet with this new focus of my thesis thinking, a prompt like this now automatically has direction for me.

I spent some time thinking about the two words themselves, "extreme" and "scale". I made a list of phrases that use the words. I defined the words. It is helpful for me to get immediate ideas out of the way. This also gave me some text to work with.

My first thoughts about executing the phrase "extreme scale" had serious motion implications and lots of movement, like a video of zooming in and out on a roller coaster. But then I applied my thesis methodology: craft, analog, attention to detail as mindfulness, humor, print.

I decided to use some of the words and phrases that I had collected from the word scale. Then, I used a part of a type character to illustrate that word or phrase. The viewer is called to really focus in on one small part of one letterform. But I also wanted to give the viewer the perspective of the entire letterform, so I added a transparent overlay page into the binding for each form, in order to show where the illustration belongs
in the total letter.

In the example on the facing page, the black part of the "s" is meant to illustrate "hard water" (which can form a substance called. "scale".) The water stops short, because of the scale buildup. The overlaid yellow shows the viewer where the shape comes from; what part of the letterform they're looking at.